Tasha Pruitt, Earthling and Multidisciplinary artist with a galactic slant.
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I look forward to expanding my art-making and living experiences as infinitely as possible. My artwork and connection to the cosmos are products of every chapter lived, learned, and still a mystery. Indeed, most of my work is space-related, but I delve into many other realms and mediums. 

I've been fascinated with outer space ever since watching Star Trek's reruns with James T Kirk and Spock. Close Encounters Of The Third Kind expanded my tiny mind and, of course, Star Wars (it came first, but Encounters opened a completely new door to my thoughts). Though I understood very little of what Carl Sagan was teaching on Cosmos, I ate it up. When the Hubble Telescope released the first pictures of The Pillars of Creation in 1995, my mind blew into billions and billions of pieces! 

Nature, science, and the beauty and pain of the human experience are my biggest muses. The balance and chaos of all drive my inner eye and, ultimately, my hand. Symmetrical reflections occur in my digital work often. Geometric shapes, their endless play, and results are both soothing and thrilling to me. A spiral galaxy in space whirlpools to the nautilus shell turning in the staircase to a canyon trail ad infinitum. I'm not afraid of colors OR non-colors.

As most artists do, I knew from childhood that I am an art maker. Despite not having an institutional education, I have been fortunate to know and work with talented creators along the way. I use those skills with honor and relish continuing the learning process every day.

​I live with nerve and spinal damage from compression injuries sustained when several large hanging ice pieces fell on me in Minneapolis in, Winter of 2010/11. I tried numerous times to return to cooking professionally, with too many limitations.  The maintenance and demands of nerve issues make it challenging to fit the parameters of "a regular job." I turned to my artistic prowess full-time to pursue a productive, contributive, and purposeful livelihood.



By working with other artists, Tasha is self-taught, along with drawing and basic print-making classes at Minneapolis Community and Technical College, in 2006. Tasha was born in St Paul, MN, and has lived and worked in Minneapolis, San Francisco, Greece, London, San Diego, and Costa Rica, among other locales. She is currently a working artist in Denver, CO, USA, and continues to show work in collective and solo art shows.  Before a life-changing spinal injury in 2011 and becoming a full-time artist (and part-time dog-sitter), Tasha had careers in the culinary and fashion worlds both in the USA and internationally.

​Many of Tasha's works are in private collections around the globe. Opportunities for collaborative work, including substantial pieces, outdoor and interior murals/installments, are always welcome.